It's been a long winter, I only come out of my hibernation if I have to. I like my hibernation as it allows me time to create and heal and also prepare for the coming season changes.  So acupuncture... yeah I've graduated and now I'm ready to make my mark on this vast world of … Continue reading Acupuncture 



Aisha : cleo's Mask is amazing , the use of natural ingredients has shown a definite improvement literally only after two tries!! , I had put this on before my makeup and I must say that my face is normally oily and shiney even if I use matte powder but I noticed straight away that … Continue reading Testimonials 

SLS free

What does SLS free mean? Soaps, shower gels/bodywashes etc are all made with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laurenth sulfate (SLES). SLS is a chemical detergent used in a wide range of personal hygiene products. It is placed in the products to help them get through the surface of the skin to do "its … Continue reading SLS free