Pop up Market at LSBU


Grapefruit & hemp oil soap and 4herb salve

Yesterday was my first time selling my products, the pop up market was at my university (London South Bank) in the student centre. I met a lot of beautiful people and made a lot of customers happy !

It was a wonderful experience and nerve racking at the same time. But having confidence in my products proved to be beneficial. One of the popular items from yesterday was my Charcoal&Shea butter Soap! With exfoliating poppy seeds which is very good for acne prone skin and dry eczema.

_MG_1473    CUR0VZnWIAAeH7x

When combined with the body butter made with 4 herbs (horsetail, nettle leaf, chamomile and dandelion root) after use you can see the effectiveness visually on eczema after a month of use together. The herbs used have anti inflammetory and anti bacterial effects and used for their healing properties. The body butter has a non greasy, smooth mousse like texture that glides && absorbs easily into the skin.

Amongst the products was this salve which the main ingredient is Bacuri butter which is awesome for treating eczema. These and the 15ml tins along with the 4 herbs salve were extremely popular out of the cosmetics on offer.


On reflecting about yesterday I have moaned at the things I could’ve and should’ve done but it is a learning curve and I recieved some great feedback which I cannot wait to put into action.

Thank you everyone who showed support and those who have bought something yesterday please feel free to email me your experience with my cosmetics !

Look good feel good.





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