Horsetail for the skin

AdobeStock_84885038.jpegHas anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, whilst containing silica which is a natural collagen. That promotes the growth of healthy tissues within the body. It is also used for the ability to keep the elasticity of your skin henceforth why It is used in many anti wrinkle && anti-aging products.

While the antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are most useful when applied to skin to sooth rashes, acne, soothe burns and help heal wounds when applied topically.

On skin when made into a paste and put onto the affected area, be it a cut for example will keep dirt and germs from getting inside and it really soothes rashes of any kind. You can also make a tea (as you would any other tea) and use it as a face toner once it is cold, dab it on acne and leave for a minimum of 5 minutes then wash off with cool water. Do this daily as a part of your normal facial cleansing routine (clean face first!).

Horsetail is one of the herbs I use in my 4herb body butter and use personally for consumption which I shall post about the benefits at a later date.

It can also be used to treat dandruff and split ends: combine 1/2 cup of horsetail and simmer in 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil (I personally like to use coconut or grapeseed oil) over a low heat for 1hr30 – 2hrs depending on your stove. Then let it steep for another 30minutes-1hr, now strain it over a jar and let it cool. Depending on your hair type you can use this before shampooing and let it sit on the scalp and massage it through the hair follicles until you reach the ends let the oil sit on your hair for 30minutes whilst covering it with a shower bonnet. (If you do this after shampooing still follow the above steps and rinse with cold water.) During this time you can read a book, watch tv or take out the trash (whatever it is you like to do). After 30 minutes rinse out and condition hair as normal however if you have curly hair I would suggest to leave in for 45 minutes then continue with your normal hair routine. This practice is good to use a minimum twice a month depending on severity of dandruff. This combo after rinsing moisturises the hair leaving it soft and shiny and gives you luscious curls ! all thanks to the presence of natural silica in horsetail.

Thats the herb of this week: HORSETAIL  use with caution and seek advice from your local herbalist and/or doctor.



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