Chamomile use for skin


Chamomile is famous for being a calming beverage that can also help those with diabetes. I could go on and on about it’s benefits and various uses, however I am just introducing the effects it has when it comes to our skin.

Amongst its many uses Chamomile is a great herb for the skin; it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make Chamomile a common go to when it comes to its effectiveness to skin irritation and allergies thus how it can reduce eczema and acne. It can come in various forms as a tincture or an essential oil, personally I prefer the dried flowers over tinctures and oils that way I can easily make my own tea or paste or infuse it in an oil for various use or combine with other herbs when making my products for skin irritation.

Chamomile is present in my 4herb body butter and salve. When infused with other herbs and oil it produces a sweet fruity scent that is unoffensive which is great when combining in my products. Not everyone wants to smell like chamomile and sometimes I prefer a mild scent over a powerful fruity one. This also makes it easier to give as a gift to men as they don’t often appreciate the scents we women go crazy for, it would be weird if they went around smelling like lemon and cherry… Unless that is what they like.

Tips for eczema: If you cannot afford tinctures or sceptical in trying a salve or body butter you can make a paste from Chamomile flowers at home yourself. Get some Chamomile from your local herb store or get an organic teabag from your supermarket (organic is worlds better) and boil the bag in a cup as you normally would a tea (and drink it)… instead of throwing the teabag away open it and put the wet flowers of Chamomile onto the affected area of you skin and leave there for 15 minutes. Try that for a week and see how the appearance of the eczema reduces. *A patient of mine is currently using this method and is happy with the reduction in itchiness on her palms. Thats all for now.

Nourish your body.




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