What IS in the 4 Herb Butter?!

There are 2 types of my 4 herb butters: they are made with the same four herbs however one ingredient changes in the butter process…I use organic unrefined cocoa butter and mango butter. Love love mango butter!   Mango butter is great for people battling with dry skin, eczema or dermatitis. Its not as greasy as other butters therefore it absorbs easily moisturising your skin and is also reported to benefit rashes, reduce appearance of fine lines and sunburn.

The other ingredient is organic unrefined shea butter, now its not present in every 4herb butter because shea butter has warming tendencies and in my experience I noticed that during and after applying it to my skin I would feel hot. Others have also had the same experience, this doesn’t change the benefits of shea butter. Some people with sensitive skin I have spoken to who’ve used shea butter just prefer not to have that warming effect on their skin as it tends to make them feel itchy and uncomfortable which is the last thing anyone suffering from eczema or psoriasis wants to feel.

Others don’t seem to have that problem hence why I have two types, through trail and error only YOU know how specific ingredients affect your body. It is important that you listen to what your body is telling you.

Moving on… before making my herbal body butter I had to consider which herbs and their benefits for what I was going to use them for and how to combine them into the body butter. I didn’t want the herbs to turn rancid with the oils after a few uses and I certainly didn’t want the body butter to grow mould after 2 months!

I’ve seen a few horror stories from those who have purchased handmade products and I was determined not to become one of them. Not only because it would be super embarrassing for me, it would be very disheartening for my customer to be excited that the have a new product to help their skin only to open it one day to find fur all over the top of their product.

Below are the herbs I have used and the reasons why.



The Nettle leaves (Urtica dioica) are my favourite for treating arthritic pain and flare ups of eczema. Commonly known as the ‘stinging nettle’ this awful plant you remember from your childhood is actually quite powerful in the treatment of various ailments (from allergies to arthritis, asthma alopecia, PMS, regulating hormones and fibromyalgia to name a few).

The sting from their anti-histamine properties makes this one of the best plants to reduce the inflammation that the body produces, the stinging nettle has been a source of medicine over the many centuries due to its many healing abilities for all sorts of ailments. As many recent studies have found, although I encourage you to investigate for yourselves as it is so easily obtainable in the wild and in supermarkets as the leaves are dried to drink as tea.

For reasons mentioned in my last post I decided to use Chamomile mainly because of its naturally anti-inflammatory properties and helps to heal wounds faster. For oozing and dry/bleeding type eczema, chamomile is one of my favourite flower for this condition. However a word of caution chamomile is from the Asteraceae family which also includes calendula, celery, chrysanthemum, celery and ragwort. There are many types of allergies that people suffer from therefore if you have found yourself to be unlucky to be allergic to this family it is possible you may have a reaction to the chamomile present in skincare products.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for its moisturising and microbial along with its ability to alleviate irritation. There is nothing worse than the urge to itch therefore it can help relieve itching and rejuvenate the dry skin which is formed by eczema and psoriasis. Silicon present in horsetail supports the rejuvenation of the skin acting as a natural collagen alongside elasticin that is beneficial for the skin to help rebuild damaged skin cells. This herb internally is used for fluid retention (edemas), kidney/bladder stones and UTI’s (urinary tract infections) other uses include jaundice, weight loss, heavy menstrual bleeding, osteoarthritis and osteoporisis.

Dandelion root

AdobeStock_90272329.jpegFor at least 5 thousand years dandelion root has been in various records for use in Traditional Chinese medicine records for a vast array of conditions including infections, stomach disorders, appendicitis, fevers, snakebites, liver and digestive disorders, and of course diabetes amongst many other conditions and cancers. For skin it is distinctive for its germicidal and fungicidal properties that it exhibits which for cosmetic use, it can help resolve skin problems i.e.breakouts and neutralises itchiness. This root treats eczema and psoriasis as well as acne.

Dandelions grow wild and are often a pest in your gardens…that is before you knew you could eat or drink them (although I wouldn’t suggest the ones typically from your backyard due to rodent animals). Also dandelions are used for the treatment of acne wherein most cases it is consumed or made into a facial tonic. Dandelion root is known to detox the liver and kidneys, due to its use for healing just like the stinging nettle it’s continuous modern research has become endless.

Its easy to write off anything that doesn’t come prescribed in a capsule by our GP or with a hefty price tag “so hey it must not actually work, right?!” *scratches head. Hmmmmm this is why it is important to accumulate your own research by reading books and medicial journels and even experiment yourself once you’ve gained some knowledge. You can’t preach what you haven’t practiced.

Take care of yourselves and nourish your body.













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