Shea butter for hair growth…

Are you tired of your hair not reaching that length goal you set yourself last year? Are you annoyed that your curls look lack lustre no matter how many trips you’ve made to ACE and the products you’ve bought are drying out your hair? Well… maybe you need Shea butter fo’ yo life.

Shea butter is a wonder for its many uses for skin and hair and even the fat can be used for cooking. It locks in moisture and stimulates hair growth by rejuvenating hair follicles especially if your hair is weak or thin. I used Shea butter just how I used to use coconut oil for everrything ! seriously now I’ve moved on because I know what works for me, my skin, my hair etc etc.

  • It promotes growth and thickens hair
  • Nourishes and moisturises dry scalps
  • Full of vitamins && nutrients your hair needs to keep it healthy!
  • Strengthens hair
  • luscious shine to curls.

If you have naturally thin hair or suffering from you hair thinning, breaking, receding or alopecia then I strongly recommend using unrefined Shea butter for your hair. Most unrefined butters tend to be organic so check when you’re purchasing. The Shea butter will start to thicken your hair and you will notice regrowth in those patches and thinning stubborn parts. It will also soften your hair too, not everybody has the same hair texture and all those poisonous products from your curl activator (oh boy) to your perm, has a long lasting effect on your hair changing its curl depth or texture.

Don’t lie now I’ve done a lot of hair in my time to which the hardness and dryness of a few peoples hair follicles have cracked my nails that I just had done the same day. So below is what you need to do…


You want the yellow west african kind the HARD Shea butter that one hasn’t lost any of it’s nutrients from processing. I recommend this one because it will also last longer and you will appreciate it trust me. For my London girls you can actually buy a tub in ACE hurrah ! there are other hair stores that sell it you either have to ask or look really good if the shop keeper is whatless.

It melts to the touch so you can apply it to your scalp straight from the tub and work it through your roots to ends. If that is too long winded for you then melt some in a pyrex jug (you can buy this in them bric-a-brac stores or go to Argos they’re £3.98 or so)  in a pot of boiling water over your cooker. Now the reason why I recommend this way is because when you heat things up in the microwave it loses the nutrients that your skin and hair needs so I always use this method plus it doesn’t take longer than 5 mins to melt. You can pour the oil directly on to the hair and work it in or into your palm and you’re good to go.

Apply Shea butter in your hair after you have washed it start from here and then throughout the week continue to apply every 3 days or so this is different for everyone. You will see how often you will need to moisturise your hair because it will tell you.

Shea butter is especially good to use on your hair in winter because it protects it from the harsh cold and wind. I tend to use Shea butter to keep down fly aways when I put my hair in a bun.

Now use the remainder of the Shea for your dry skin. What? it’s winter I know them knees is ashy under those leggings.

Enjoy those curls and feel confident in the boost you’ve given your hair.




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