New year. Stay tuned

First I’d like to say thank you to those who have recently followed me. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday festivities and let 2016 be a prosperous year !

I have to admit I have been lacking with the posts due to assignments, funerals (I’m currently writing this whilst I’m at one), hospital appointments etc, basically all the fun obstacles life likes to throw at you.

Below are the most popular products this winter… BODY BARS! which glide on your skin rather than battling with melting your solid body butter on the radiator. Currently there are two types Bacuri && Cocoa butter.


Back left && right Bacuri, front center Cocoa butter.

At the moment I have been taking orders online through I had set up an etsy store but found I didn’t like the way it’s set up. So I’m looking at Amazon for the short time being, whilst I’m working on the catalog to add to the official website which will make it much easier to browse and order.

I have whipped up some amazing new hair products which I look very forward to releasing very soon (granted website availability will be a bonus). Also experimenting with new body butters all to come soon.

Stay tuned.



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