Bakuri Bakuri

Bacuri butter

I love Bakuri butter for my hair and my skin !

For my hair I find it’s best as a moisturiser for my curls and I’ve noticed the fast growth of my hair whenever I use it. It is a fruit that comes from Brasil in a northern state called Pará which is located by the Amazon Rainforest && the Marajó island. Bakuri requires a moist lowland tropical climate in Brasil, the tree flowers in June and July after the shedding of the leaves. The first fruits mature in early December and the season extends to the following May, the peak of the crop ripening in February and March.

In Pará it is known locally to be a miraculous remedy against rheumatism and arthritis. It is also edible thus the pulp can be used to make beverages && jelly, sweets && ice-cream and sometimes even eaten raw. 



image courtesy of Google images.

It looks similar in shape to an avocado but is a yellowish brown… kinda similar to a Papaya. The seed is cold pressed and used to make the butter and is great for using for stretch marks (much like cocoa butter) only this butter is more potent in scent and nutrients.

It is rich in phosphor, iron and lysine which has been proven the fruit to be super beneficial for treating eczemas and herpes simplex infections, it is also essential in the crosslink formation that stabilizes collagen and elastin production – being used to treat skin injuries. (Snake/insect bites && burns)

It is also rich in Methionine, which is another essential amino acid and the body’s primary source of sulfur. The body uses sulfur to influence hair follicles and promote healthy hair, skin and nail growth.

Why is it so good?

  • The butter of bakuri gives a golden tone to the skin. It is absorbed a few minutes after it is applied and the skin becomes velvety to the touch; it also removes spots and reduces scarring && the appearance of stretch marks.
  • The natural Anti-aging properties of this seed is amazing ! nourishes && protects the skin .
  • It’s superb in healing skin injuries && revitalising damaged hair. Perfect for the care of Nubian hair as it softens the hair and increases growth !
  •  Treatment of eczema and herpes simplex .
  • Rich in Vitamins A, B, C and antioxidants. More in depth information can be found here.

The fatty oil has a high absorption rate, due to its high level of tripalmitin (50% to 55%), which penetrates the skin quickly. It’s final stage appears as a very dark brown, because of this it can be used as a naturally tinted moisturiser.

One of the eczema salves I make are from pure Bakuri (the other is the 4 herb salve) IMG_1268


Bakuri salve

Below is my Nubian Bakuri hair butter


Bakuri Hair butter

The application of this is soft && wispy, lightly moisturising my curls and scalp. Sometimes I find oils are either too heavy as in they drip down my face making me feel like super shiny coconut ~meiwakunaaaaa~ <(-.-<)
I also make massage bars//body bars from Bakuri too so those are available !

Or because of they way my hair EATS it doesn’t last more than 2 days – 3 if I’m lucky ! which is extremely bothersome.

I’ve recently ordered a huge batch of this baby fairtrade of course hyuuu ~ from Brasil && I have been experimenting with glee. This hair butter is made to order, I made a variation between this one which has some mango butter which kept it really soft throughout winter.

The other I made for someone which was mixed with some Shea butter and herbs to stimulate growth && thicken the hair.

  • I used Burdock root because of it’s anti inflammatory properties make it great for scalp treatment promoting stronger growth of hair.
  • Calendula rich in minerals and anti-oxidants.When applied to the scalp also promotes stronger growth due to the increasing collagen production and circulation in hair follicles.
  • Horsetail also mineral rich; works by stimulating the blood vessels that supply oxygen to your hair follicles. It also contains quercetin which is a flavonoid with anti-allergy, anti-viral capabilities && the nutrient silica which helps to repair damage and fortify new and existing hair against breakage. Using this herb promotes a healthy scalp.

These herbs are super beneficial for a range of skin tasks, internal or external they help loads. This one can go hard in the winter so I suggest to leave it in a cupboard or at room temperature, do not carry it with you it will harden then you’ll definitely have a hairdryer/radiator battle good luck.** although I have remedied this.

Nubian hair butter
is a constant product I make however I mostly do made to orders for those suffering from extreme dry itchy scalp to hair thinning && alopecia.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting but please stay away from cheap chemically induced hair products from the store. A lot of them nowadays claim to have Shea but usually it’s around 2% (if that) and the rest is garbage.

Nourish your skin.


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