Miss Cerassieeeeee 

…. Te amo con toda mi vida ~


This post is dedicated to cerassie tea.

Cerassie, Cerassee, Corilla <—– names it is known by.

When I was younger going basic school in Jamaica an aunt or old woman would say “have some sir-cee” in response to hearing me coughing.

Who is Miss Cerassie or really I should what?? T’is a bitter herbal drink infamous in the Caribbean. If you’re West Indian you definitely know you can find this in your grandmas cupboard and perhaps you’ve had the unpleasant encounter with Miss Cerassie in your childhood if you haven’t… you’re old like granny and your face favours old donkey nurrr. 😜 (jealoussss~)

Benefits of Cerassie

This herb is known for cleaning the toxins in your blood and aiding in digestive problems as well as strengthening the immune system. (really it’s the after taste that is bitter)

The medicinal benefits of Cerassie is easing abdominal pain, helps to expel parasites (such as worms) and to cleanse the body of other stubborn toxins. Recovering from partiyng hard? have a cup of cerassie it will help to clean your liver and body making you feel like a better human being…<—- well being a better human is not guaranteed,  mi sarri.

This plants nutritive benefits contain phosphorous and alkaloid properties as well as iron and vitamin A and C. What is phosphorous you say? after Calcium comes Mr P.  to put it simply, it is a mineral needed by the body that helps with filtering and detoxing the body of impurities along with the reparation of the body’s cells and tissues. It also helps to strengthen bones and plays a role in the production of your DNA and RNA.

This you can look up further yourself.

You will most likely hear an old Jamaican woman saying Cerassie is good for your blood.

The vine of this plant grows wild in Jamaica which makes it easily available and inexpensive. Find a bush and pick it if you ever go Jamaica you’ll see all types of people picking fruit or bush and carry on with their business.

It doesn’t belong to anybody so get involved !

Don’t live in the Caribbean or visiting any time soon… aww not to worry supermarkets in the UK sell it in the world foods or tea section. Too blind to find it try Holland&Barrett.

I wrote this post because every one around me has caught whatever is going around and I want no part in it. Luckily because of my strange love of herbs I have a strong immune system and whenever I do catch something it’s usually gone within 4days. Yes I keep record. If it’s stubborn I kill it with acupuncture. I had a big mug last week and a small cup on Monday, I only had a small cup because I used the rest of my tea bag in my bath.



Big Mug of Miss Cerassie && me

Yes thats right I had a Cerassie bath, why? because our skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs what ever we feed it. My hands were also suffering from a chemical rash that I got from a sanitizer I used. My skin felt irritable 5 mins afterwards, which I ignored for some time my skin became raised and gritty in texture (this was the back of my hands my palms were fine because of all the oil I was handling previously) this worsened while I was in clinic because of the constant hand washing during patient’s treatments. I kept washing off the Bakuri bar I was using so the rashed remained longer. Having the bath improved my skin I noticed the difference in the texture straight away so I grabbed the Bakuri blossom and moisturised.


Now my rash is gone. Sorry I didn’t take a picture I couldn’t be bothered.

Having a bath in this plant especially for atopic eczema or rashes nourishes the skin. During this time our skin relaxes and absorbs the nutrients from the plant. Some people crush the leaves and make a paste to rub on the affected area. This bath also eased my very tense && sore shoulders. “But Natsu you’re an acupuncturist why not get treatment in clinic?” beeeecause I carry a rucksack that is quite heavy so after treatment I would be putting same said hefty rucksack back on my just treated shoulderrrrs………… See my dilemma?

So I had a bath with some cerassie and took out whatever books were weighing me daaaan problem solved yaaaaaass.


Is it bad that I’m kinda used to the taste??

*featured image I took from pininterest other image is belongs to moi






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