SLS free

What does SLS free mean?

Soaps, shower gels/bodywashes etc are all made with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laurenth sulfate (SLES). SLS is a chemical detergent used in a wide range of personal hygiene products. It is placed in the products to help them get through the surface of the skin to do “its job” be it shampoo or soap whatever, because of this the SLS or SLES contributes to the lather the soap or shampoo produces.

However it is also an irritant to sensitive or fragile skin therefore many of the products you buy in the store causes irritation after a while if not straight away. SLS is not considered a “danger” by the cosmetic governing body regardless there are constantly reports about this ingredient. You’ll have to look deeper into this if you care.

SLS is also used to test a product for skin irritation ! go figure. How nice.

In addition to skin irritation, there are studies that point to residual levels of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in the brain, lungs, liver, and heart. These levels follow the use of SLS used externally on the scalp and skin, and in the mouth as an ingredient in toothpaste.

discover more here.

Remember if you didn’t know the skin IS your biggest organ I’ve told you before.

Why should you beware of what you put on it because your skin is basically the gate to your body. Whatever you use chemically is more potent in damage than the natural form as after absorbed by the skin it can flow through to your blood stream and your blood flows through all your organs. Thats how it fxv you up from the outside in && inside out.

Because chemicals are cheaper they will always be used. Anything that is made without these chemical will not produce the same lather once you’re aware of that you wont get your hopes up of a volumised lather when using natural products.

Oh && another thing a majority of your soaps also contain Tallow: Beef fat. If you’re a fan of Dove they use this ingredient.

So if you see my products stating SLS free thats what it means. Why would I put an irritant in something I’m making to help your skin? makes no sense. In stores you can look out for these two ingredients and decided after reading that link and doing some more research if you’ll like to continue being a giant guinea pig.

Knowledge is medicine.




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