So I’ve been bad… it’s April already. I’m currently in Cyprus enjoying my month.

But I didn’t tell you that I’m now on Etsy! since the 5th of this month it is temporary while I gain the experience of an online store. So far I like it, seeing as i’m not even in London right now.

My first sale as expected wasn’t so smooth, just my luck but small problem solved. Again learning experience at least there is support to contact when such things arise and it got fixed same day when enquired yaaay~

As always I go into a “Oh no gotta act fast” mode when problems occur even when on holiday. Did you know Etsy has a very handy “store is on vacation” mode while you’re away? me neither (n00b) *cry. I found out after the order came in of course I thought if only I could put the store on holiday while I’m away, saves me panicking  FaceTiming my ‘Kaasan playing hot and cold with the locations of labels and bubble wrap.

I googled if such a thing existed on etsy and resolved that yaaassssssssss~

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 23.10.47.pngI’m currently only shipping within the UK, sorry guys across the ocean (I see you) besides who wants to get mushed with P&P fees for something that costs so little? No worries Gift baskets && Package deals will become available hopefully expelling this. When this happens we’ll see how it goes, for now only those in the UK are so lucky.

Go && check it out NOW NOW NOW only 3 items for now as I am sold out of a lot of the products listed in one of my posts.

Follow me on twitter @HungryNatsu and like the Facebook page. Much appreciated Thanks for the support !


Look good feel good.





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