What do I got??…


 Hello there Natsu here, apologies no blogging has occurred in the last 2 months I have been writing on assignments and preparing myself for exams as I am now in my final year at university I can’t wait to have all this leisure time to put into my products. As was promised a long time ago here is another page of products feel free to message me any enquiries I have done another 2 stalls at LSBU one in April and 2 weeks ago this month the turn out was great and I am soon to email a newsletter to those who signed up.


Bakuri Salve comes in a 120ml pot or a 15ml tub The butter of bakuri gives a golden tone to the skin. It is absorbed a few minutes after it is applied and the skin becomes velvety to the touch; it also removes spots and reduces scarring && the appearance of stretch marks. BEWARE When using anything WITH Bakuri allow at least 20 mins for your skin to asorb…don’t go put that slinky whit dress on or that bright white shirt for work. It can transfer to clothes but it is washable. These salves are to be used on the affected areas with eczema so you won’t have this transfer problem if it’s your elbows and back of legs for example. 15ml £2, 120ml £4.


Nubian body butter gives your skin a sun kissed glow (hence the name) caution as this will transfer to clothes if you don’t allow it to absorb into your skin it’s does wash out. This is an all over body cream and all skin types can use it it is softer and wispy than its predessors I have got the formulae right now yaaay I used the same picture as last posts because I kept forgetting to take another ><

£5 150ml or £8 250ml.

Nubian hair butter made with Bakuri,Shea and mango with  lime oil  is a constant product I make however I mostly made these if they were ordered for those suffering from extreme dry itchy scalp to hair thinning && alopecia. This has a more dense texture, for thin hair you rub a little on the tips of your fingers then massage into scalp and roots leave for 30 mins and wash out, if it doesn’t feel too heavy then leave it in. For thicker hair busty curls no need to wash it out just apply asyou normally would with hair oils.  

Now hair butters became one of the most requested products whenever I had a stall,So this product is now permanent. £5 150ml.

facemaskcharcoal clay mask


This is Cleo’s mask, 

Made with Activated charcoal and Argyll clay, this mask will draw out the undesired oil from your skin whilst leaving your face baby smooth and refreshed. Giving you back your glow.

I now have this made with bentonite and poppy seeds for exfoliation which was requested a lot at my stalls. 



I’ve been experimenting with different clay products and which I like best and I like the combination of a bar type of mask so I added some argyll clay to the mixture and a layer of charcoal I had a friend who has pretty bad eczema his feedback was that it was soothing for his skin. Whether this would actually be something I’ll make all the time I’m not sure I think I’m pretty good for soaps for now. I’ll try it with bae and some others first then decided depending on the feedback. The lather is quite ‘clay-ey’ so it was like rubbing a face mask on your skin that didn’t dry.

This is a better image of the Bakuri blossom the oil settling varies when they set.

The new ANUBIS SOAP I have tried thinking of another name for the original and thought it best to keep the theme Egyptian until further notice so the previous is now called HERU. This Anubis is made the same way as African black soap or otherwise known as Dudu soap. And I have found it great for my oily skin when using it on my face,this is now bae’s new favorite for his eczema. I have added chickweed and poppy seeds for exfoliation purposes and the chickweed has great soothing properties when applied directly to skin. Whilst I was in the Netherlands last week I got bit by a mosquito on my cheek i only had this soap on me (no repellent as I was only traveling with hand luggage) lovely liquid limitations  anyway I scrubbed my face directly with this (as I normally apply soap to my flannel or body’s scrunchy thingy) and the itchiness went after 2 days and the bump that was formed from my itching became less inflamed. £3.50 

Oh and my cheeks felt FLAWLESS so smoooothe.

Nourish your skin



2 thoughts on “What do I got??…

  1. Grace says:

    I purchased this lovely soap recently, I found the fragrant of the soap very appealing and soothing. The soap itself has a very good lather and when applied you can feel it working into the skin quite quickly. After using for a few days my skin has become very smooth and less greasy. The poppy seeds in this product exfoliate the skin well.
    This is a great soap and will be purchasing another pretty soon.
    Many thanks!


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