UPDATE.Why I’ve been missing. &&China

Hallo stranger,

well I’m the stranger here, I’ve abandoned my post…or so it seems. I GRADUATED ! Final- Frikken-ly ! ugh weight. lifted. yes. time. to. live. please.

Last post was a long time ago. So again this will be long if you like reading. During my absence from this blog I’ve done markets, I’ve done talks at events for young entrepreneurs. I treated my last and final patient at Confucius Institutes student clinic, Modeled in a fashion campaign, I went to China. touch down in Netherlands. Got Hideously ill. Made another big batch of products, made some seriously good soul V food (how I missed my kitchen). Speaker at more events.Woohoo my dream of stabbing people for a living has finally come true. Yes such a job exists. Looking for therapy rooms to rent (if you know any within the Bromley/Lewisham area let me know)  GRADUATED I am now a qualified and fully insured ACUPUNCTURIST I bet you got worried when I mentioned stabbing people. Acupuncture is not at all like getting stabbed it’s just what everyone whose perception of needles thinks it is. 

Hold on did I just casually put China? Yes I did I was there for 3 weeks I went to Beijing and Harbin which is nearer to the border of Russia. Needless to say the climate difference in the summer was noticeable. For starters it is Summer. In Beijing the sun didn’t start to go down until after 8/9. In Harbin by 6 the sun was almost gone. Harbin is and will definitely be cold in ze winter. Beijing will not be aaaaasss cold.

Any who in Harbin I spent my time with charming locals, students and spent majority of my early rises in the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine where I mainly spent my time learning and tending to patients that suffer with facial paralysis, stroke and Parkinsons. I learnt SOOOO much from this it was a great experience.

The facilities at this Uni are awe-ing. My favourite is the tropical garden in the basement that is seen throughout the whole university. Patients can choose their doctor, those that come from out of town are put up in over night patient rooms where depending on the disease/condition they receive fluids and a herbal concoction each unique to him or her. So i couldn’t tell you what they are and unless your a herbalist it would just go over your head. Whoosh.

What I like about China is that health is taken very seriously compared to over here. Acupuncture and natural medicine has a pertinent role in their way of life. They don’t question it because it has been around for 3000+ years and if something that old is still working… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Of course western/modern medicine plays a role too.

While I was there I found out that the patients I was seeing everyday are able to receive acupuncture because their employer (if they’re employed – Majority were) allowed them that hour of the day every week to receive treatment then come back to work. Yes they received treatment everyday !

Over here: UK – on the Western side of the world your little league manager couldn’t give a shit about your health even if you keeled over in front of them. Excuse the explorative. More people are afraid to take time off work to see their GP for fear that they will get penalised for it when they return to work. Further adding to their stress, most will wait until their day off to go to the A&E or GP.  Sometimes by then the preventative measure can no longer be used and your sent off with pills to pop until next time.

What that does is create stress on the nurses and doctors in the A&E department, (Lewisham and Kings has the worst influx of emergency patients) because those that need help have to wait until the next month to get an appointment with their GP.

The GP does have emergency appointments, however the waiting time over the phone listening to Scissor sisters over and over again, just to be told you have to come in that same day within the hour (you can’t because then you’ll be late for work). Or call back in the afternoon to make an appointment for the following month. Yes it is like that in London – rant over. The stress of employees would be lifted if they were allowed to naturally fall sick and gain treatment when they needed instead of being penalised. If employers/managers put their workers first then a lot less people will go off sick with stress.

Some of my patients can just about see me once a week when they really need at least 2 treatments a week but they can’t otherwise they’d lose their job or they see me every 2 weeks. So I admire that China respects their workers health because a corpse can’t do anything for you.

My other fond memory was gaining a sore throat, sounding like a man and then not being able to speak having lost my man voice because of getting caught in a storm. The story goes as follows:

I got caught in a storm one night during my last few nights in Beijing I made the mistake of removing my scarf AND umbrella from my bag before I went exploring. Y’know as it was so hot I was in a vest and shorts no hoodie as I being the genius that I am decided that one time I didn’t need to check the weather… So as I arised from the underground it started raining and then it got heavier… I ran into the first building which luckily had a Starbucks. I ordered a Tea and watched this storm come into fruition I was there for 4 hours… luckily I had data and called home and was speaking with Bae while watching the rain and lighting lash down against the poor pavement. Eventually it died down I tried to get an uber back to my hotel but the wait was an hour so I went to Zara in the shopping centre next to the building I was in… bought a long sleeve  overcoat thingy oooh it was so warm, ate, waited out more rain.


  •  met some amazing people in China and from other parts of the world
  • Beijing is fast becoming a multi-cultural and business hub.
  • Yes there are black people get over it and just travel.
  • Climbed the great wall
  • Watched a Kung Fu performance
  • Partay
  • Vollyball
  • Heilongjiang University
  • Salt was hard to come by first nights in Beijing
  • KTV (I will not ever be posting videos of this event. ever lol)
  • My time in the University clinic
  • Transport links are plenty
  • Haggling in the markets ! SHOPPING OVERLOAD
  • Haggling the taxi drivers
  • On my 2 final nights I finally was able to sleep for a full 8 hours
  • Sleepless nights, running the day through adrenaline and will power
  • Mum and aunt met me in BEIJING (put my shopping in their suitcase😅)
  • Power walking through traffic to class/clinic
  • lost weight I recommend the China diet 😂

Being Vegan in China: 

It wasn’t hard. In fact I got caught in the storm as I was making my way to a Vegan restaurant. Beijing Vegan Hut: Stall 0912, 2/F, Bldg 9, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100020

Photo of Beijing Vegan Hut by <a href="/members/profile/lunapavo">lunapavo</a><br/>dumplings<br/>August 22, 2015 - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/14458/114690'>Report</a>Photo of Beijing Vegan Hut by <a href="/members/profile/lunapavo">lunapavo</a><br/>noodles! <br/>August 22, 2015 - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/14458/114689'>Report</a>

images from HappyCow as I never did make it to this place.

So 2 birds one stone, how do I find Vegan places everywhere I go? Google is your friend use it. It shows you magical sites such as HappyCow. Also my trip was funded by the Confucius Institute so food and accommodation was paid for, our guides made sure us Vegans had REAL food to eat ok. No mystery meat ish. Now I may or may not have made their job harder as I don’t eat tofu. It was really hard to get any legumes because you had to tell the restaurant 24hrs before, coz they have to soak the beans and that, which they kinda failed me on this a few times. But oh how you miss the convenience of western food. The group had pizza hut one night I was able to get a pasta. no worries. and I love the McDonalds Taro pie I wish I could’ve brought those back with me –sigh.

I’m having another pop up stall at LSBU on the 17th.



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