Poseidon’s Secret Ingredient for Healthy Hair and Skin

Hallo,  Natsu des (Natsu here)

Seaweed is something I regularly eat whether in my soup (I use Kombu) , maki rolls (Nori), or dry on its own I love it when its crispy and SPICY (weird I know, don’t judge me >.<“).

So lately I’ve been thinking and I know some of you might have been wondering about this as well; what can I use seaweed for other than sushi? Mark you, sushi is interesting if that’s your thing…well the vegetable Maki rolls are my thing. Anyways curiosity got the best of me and I had to do some digging.

After searching high and low, I found 7 benefits of using seaweed in your beauty regimen.  Seaweed is just a useless plant at the bottom of the ocean, some might say; I beg to differ. Seaweed has tons of benefits for your hair and skin.

     Seaweed is awesome for your skin

Seaweed extracts have been used to make serums, eye creams as well as antioxidants. What’s so special you might ask?

  • Seaweed contains many vital vitamins and minerals which help to relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc… So yes, Ariel was the plug! 🔌
  • Seaweed acts as a barrier against the harmful effects of pollutants which in turn fights wrinkling.
  • Seaweed contains certain anti-aging components for that “baby bottom” soft feeling.
  • Seaweed leaves your skin feeling more moisturized than ever.
  • Seaweed is an outstanding natural detoxifier. This leaves your skin feeling pure and refined.

A wonderful ingredient for hair care

     What more can a girl ask for? A product that doubles as a skin and hair treatment. Move over coconut oil, seaweed is coming for you!

  • Seaweed is an excellent agent in the promotion of blood circulation. This in turn promotes hair growth.
  • Seaweed also protects the hair shaft as its minerals nourish hair scalp while combatting bacteria and fungus that are known to eat away hair follicles.

You know how the latest trend is milk baths and… Oh  you didn’t know? well okies, well it is… check out Pinterest. Some take their pampering seriously, like I mean they really make time for it which is good ! If you’re not one of those who feel like they have the luxury… well ya do. On the best of days I get a almond milk bath, Cleo’s clay and yes what I am getting at is that you can bathe in it too.

Now I don’t mean you wrap yourself in kelp although I’ve heard this has some benefits, but the sea smell can be a bit much perhaps. I haven’t tried that but if you want to feel free ! you can get seaweed in powdered form and drop a tbsp into your bath and shower it off afterwards. This will moisturize your skin and leave it feeling smooth…a bit relaxed if you added some lavender oil… until you look at your tub and realize – yes. You have to clean that.

So easier option put it in your face mask thats what I did ^.^ However DO NOT mix it with Bentonite clay. The clay will react with the microbes of the sea and produce organic matter which after forgetting about your mask you may find disturbing when you remember to use it again. So you have been warned.


Salt water is a great solvent for using seaweed baths.

For those with eczema I find that bathing in salt water works like a charm trust me. If you got a beach holiday coming up try it, if not go on holiday you deserve it…besides its cold get you some sun.



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