It’s been a long winter, I only come out of my hibernation if I have to. I like my hibernation as it allows me time to create and heal and also prepare for the coming season changes. 

So acupuncture… yeah I’ve graduated and now I’m ready to make my mark on this vast world of traditional Chinese medicine. The official website has been released and now I’m anxious to meet new patients, and build my practitioner relationships with other acupuncturists.

Find me at
I’m keeping the hungrynatsu separate for now.

I treat all ailments, from women’s health, to musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, sports injuries like tennis elbow, back pain over worked muscles. Whether it be with needles or my hands through acupressure. I love Gua Sha especially when treating myself, however the after visual effects may leave some alarmed. As it is a scraping method which loosens the muscles and stagnant blood.  I perform Gua Sha along the back of my neck and shoulders. The relief feels amazing ! The visual after effects don’t look as pleasing as the blood does leave the capillaries showing as red marks from scraping. So if you see anyone with these marks don’t be alarmed so much.

Fire cupping is also my favourite of treatments too. If you’re not keen on fire cupping then I gave the suction cup version too. The cups vacuum the air between cup and skin and when slid across the back, gives the muscles in your back and shoulders a nice massage.

When I was in China I had the opportunity of learning how to treat patients with muscle atrophy, facial paralysis, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. At Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in Harbin. Under Dr.Zhao and Dr. Wang Long the facilities were amazing for out patients and overnight patients, really I should have wrote about this earlier.

 From left: Dr.Zhao, me and my friend and fellow student Song.


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