Who is HungryNatsu?

Hi I’m Natsu a happy young Island girl, Chinese medicine & Acupuncture Graduate from London South Bank University. Fully accredited and insured with the BAcC:- British Acupuncture Council.


What does Natsu mean?

Natsu is japanese for summer and the hungry comes from my love of knowledge and FOOD ! Always cooking and baking so this blog will feature a lot of food posts and Natural/herbal cosmetics.

Recently I have put the herbal knowledge drummed into me from my childhood by my grandmothers and combined them with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have verrryy sensitive skin to the point that I come out in a rash when I have a shower, it doesn’t matter whose house I am showering/bathing in. I noticed this 13 years ago and concocted my own products worked well for my skin. I now sell these through my etsy store. 

Moving forward to 2014 friends && family have grown sick and tired of prescribed creams and irritable chemicals in their pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and asked if I could make something tailored for them.

My partner and friends suffer from eczema and each have varying degrees of eczema. No two cases of eczema are the same ! no no. It is often affected by diet, stress and genetics. My partner when we first met had a very mild and manageable case of eczema until he went through some trauma his eczema erupted and worst case would start to bleed and became thick and scaly. I felt at a loss when I thought there was nothing I could do immediately as I was studying acupuncture. I’ve learnt treatment procedures from my Chinese supervisors and lecturers however in my first year of studying I was not permitted to use this knowledge. Thus not being able to do anything until I was permitted by the BAcC…All was not lost the day I found one of my grandmothers herbal recipe books which included herbs I already had in my garden. Imagine my joy when I didn’t feel helpless anymore and proceeded to utilise the knowledge she had left behind.

Among the friends there are sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and Adult acne. each I would whip up a storm in my kitchen something to soothe their skin and they would give me feedback as the results if it improved or not. In which case I altered the remedy until the results improved and had the eureka moment of which potion lotion works for whom… This was the beginning of HungryNatsu.

It can be stressful at times so if you have any questions or want any advice please feel free to email me at hungrynatsuu@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Who is HungryNatsu?

  1. Anne Harriss says:

    I bought some of your four herb cocoa and mango shea body butter at the LSBU student enterprise event. It is brilliant. I received lots of body lotions as Christmas presents so won’t need any more for a while. However, how do I get hold of any more? Please can you contact me with your details. I would also recommend that you include your details on the jar label.

    Liked by 1 person

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