Aisha : Cleo’s Mask is amazing , the use of natural ingredients has shown a definite improvement literally only after two tries!! , I had put this on before my makeup and I


Aisha with Cleo’s mask

must say that my face is normally oily and shiney even if I use matte powder but I noticed straight away that my face was less oily than usual !! It kept in under control for the whole time I was at work so yeh it literally is one face mask that I will keep on using !! everyone should buy this !! The other thing is the applicator ! I love it haha it can easily smooth out the mask and apply it properly -🙌🙌🙌 10/10





Rochelle: The mask is great. It tightens the pores, leaving your face feeling deeply cleansed. Once washed off, your skin feels soft and is left looking really fresh. Will buy again. Anubis soap; I adore this product. I’ve used the soap everyday and feel the deeply cleansed with it. The seeds are fantastic for gentle exfoliation and to top it off the activated charcoal is helping my skin clear with regards to my current psoriasis flare up. Will definitely purchase again. 5 stars


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